Chairman Message

Mr. Ghulam Rasool Qazi

With every passing year, public is becoming health conscious and a large number of citizens are crossing 60 years age threshold. For these reasons, medical and allied health sciences have become an integral part of our society which can’t be ignored anymore.

We believe in a balanced society where people must be provided with equal opportunities to grow and prosper in medical or allied health sciences so they can serve the humanity in a professional and compassionate way. Availability of quality higher education creates such opportunities. If we offer affordable higher education to our talented youth, it will lay the foundation for a vibrant and growing society enabling us to stand amongst the leading nations of the world.With two state of the art hospitals attached for practical training of students, Lahore Institute of Professional Studies is a first-step in that direction where through ethics and morals we strive to cultivate and nurture the ability of our youth to form a sustainable and developed community for tomorrow.