Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1:Is Hostel Facility available for students who are non-residents of Lahore?

Ans:Yes, the institute has separate hostels for both male and female students. These Hostels operate under strict supervision of the Institute.

Q 2:Does the Institute offer Scholarships?

Ans:Yes, there are 4 types of scholarships offered at Lahore Institute of professional studies including Merit-Based, Hafiz-e-Quran,Kinship and Need-based scholarships. Issuance of these scholarships is subject to certain terms and conditions.

Q 3:In which hospital does the student go for his/her Clinical training modules during and after the completion of degree?

Ans:Lahore Institute of Professional study is one of its kind and have On-Campus Hospital i.e. Citi Hospital. Moreover, students will also be sent to Mid City Hospital for their clinical training.

Q 4:When does the clinical modules with practical Hands-on training start?

Ans:Clinical rotations in different wards start in the 5th Semester as per the University/HEC guidelines.

Q 5:Does the Institute follow semester system or annual system?

Ans:Lahore Institute of Professional Studies follows semester system as directed by GCUF.

Q 6:What is the date of commencement of classes?

Ans:In this Covid-19 Pandemic, on campus classes will start as per the direction of the Government. However, online classes of new comers will start as per the direction of GCUF.

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