LIPS Policies


1:   Eligibility Criteria for the Admission
  • Candidates having domicile of only Punjab are eligible for admission.
  • Candidates obtaining 60% or more in F.Sc (Pre Medical) are eligible for the admission in available programs.
  • Admission will be confirmed only when candidates appear before admission committee after scrutinizing the academic credentials.
  • Admission will be granted provisionally subject to verification of the certificates of the candidates from the relevant secondary Board.
  • The maximum age limit is 22 years on the closing date of applications.
  • Age relaxation may be granted in special cases up to 5 years by the competent authority i.e. up to 2 years by the Principal of the college and more than two years by the Vice Chancellor GCUF subject to the availability of seats after accommodating all fresh candidates.
  • Admissions will be granted strictly on merit i.e. on the basis of the marks obtained in F.Sc (Pre-Medical or Equivalent examinations) in the current year or the previous year. However, candidates of the earlier sessions will be considered for admission by deducting 10 marks for each year.
2:   Admission at Lahore Institute of Professional Studies
  • All Applicants should submit their duly filled admission form and the original academic credentials on or before the stipulated deadlines.
  • Late applications will not be considered for admission.
  • Lahore Institute of Professional Studies Reserves the right to select best suitable candidates.
  • In addition to the conditions stipulated by LIPS, all the students must meet the prescribed conditions postulated by Government college University Faisalabad, (GCUF) Faisalabad and Higher Education Commission (HEC) Pakistan.
  • Lahore Institute of Professional Studies strives to provide equal access to qualified applicants from all segments of Society.
  • Applicants with disabilities can request reasonable facilities during the admissions process. All such requests must be supported by documentary evidence, including details of previous accommodations obtained during academic career.
  • Applicants should be aware, that the presentation of incorrect/false/forged/fraudulent information or document(s) in connection with admission to the LIPS is a criminal offense and the Institute reserves the right to initiate appropriate action. Action may include but is not limited to cancellation of an application for admission, an offer of admission, or of an enrollment.
  • It is the sole responsibility of the applicant to provide complete, correct and timely information to the Admissions Office. Applications without complete and correct information or documents will not be considered for admission.
3:   Scholarships and Fee wavier
  • Institute will offer 25% Tuition fee waiver to the Hafiz e Quran Students.
  • 25% Discount on Kin ship basis.
  • Student acquiring more than 90% in F.Sc (Pre-Medical) can avail up to 50% waiver on the tuition fee.
  • Naz Foundation will sponsor education of up to three brilliant but needy students.
4:   Admission offer
  • The list of successful students will be displayed on the website and on the Institute Notice Board.
  • Admission will be confirmed after the deposition of fee.
  • Failure to submit the fee on the Due date will lead to cancelation of the Admission.
  • Subject to the availability of vacant seats a second list will be displayed

Examination Policy

  • All final examinations of each semesters leading to award of degrees will be controlled by Government College University Faisalabad (GCUF).
  • The medium of instruction and examination shall be English unless specified or declared otherwise.
  • Degrees to eligible students of LIPS will be awarded by GCUF.
Test and Examination
  • There shall be two mandatory examinations in each semester i.e. Mid Term and Final Term. Any student absent in the final examination shall be considered as fail. In addition to these examinations the teacher shall give home assignments and quizzes etc. to the students.
  • The mid-semester examination carries 20 percent of the total allocated marks for the course. This examination shall be held by the concerned teacher who shall proceed according to the University rules.
  • Question paper for the mid-term examination shall be set by the respective teacher.
  • The Final Term paper will be set by GCUF.
  • Roll no. slips of final examination of each semester will only be issued to those students who shall maintain at least 75% attendance and clear their semester and other dues.
  • Students are responsible for checking the date time and location of their examinations from the given schedules.
  • For all examinations, the students will be required to show their Roll no. slips, student’s ID cards or CNIC/ Form-B/Passport/ for verification purpose. Students, who are unable to present their ID cards, if required, may not be allowed to sit in the examination.
  • Provisional announcement of the result of a program will be made by the Controller of Examinations of GCUF.
  • Final Notification of the results shall be made by the Controller of Examinations by displaying on the College Notice Board / Gazette / College Website.


  • Migration from GCUF affiliated Private Colleges to GCUF affiliated Government Colleges or vice versa is not allowed.
  • According to GCUF rules and regulations, local migration (i.e. from one college to another college within a city) is not allowed under any circumstances.
  • In case of intercity migration the student will be required to obtain an NOC from the College he / she is currently studying in.
  • Any student taking steps against these policies will be solely responsible for actions taken by University and consequently his/her academic future.

General Rules

  • Students must maintain the decorum of the college by maintaining decent and respectable behavior.
  • Students must be punctual at curricular activities and they are also encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities as well.
  • Ragging is strictly prohibited. Anyone found guilty will be imposed with a heavy fine and other disciplinary actions including rustication/ expulsion from college/ hostel.
  • The students should wear modest clothes and overalls (if applicable)and their I.D cards all the time within Institute’s premises.
  • The appearance and dress code must be in accordance with the accepted norms and dignity of profession. The following are not allowed:
    • Extreme hair styles
    • Revealing clothes
    • Visible body parts
    • Body and face jewelry (except small ear studs, necklace and simple ring for female students only)
    • Untidy dress and Slippers are not allowed.
  • Pasting/ hanging posters, graffiti and promotion material of any kind within campus is prohibited.
  • Any type of political activity, demonstration, protest and procession are strictly prohibited. Offenders/ abettors will be expelled from college.
  • Any damage whatsoever caused by student will be recovered/ repaired ‘as per actual’ by them. A harsher punishment may also be imposed.
  • All students must provide their own as well as their parents’ / guardians’ correct mailing address e.g., phone numbers and emails. Any falsification in this regard will be considered as breach of discipline and any loss to college consequently, will be recovered form student in addition to fine.
  • Use of Alcohol and drugs and keeping of arms of any and all types are strictly prohibited. Offender will be expelled from college.
  • Any hacking or improper usage to damage College IT / Communication department is strictly prohibited. Any unauthorized attempt to delete / alter College data / Students record will be dealt with strictly. Falsification/ abuse of college record/ data shall be considered as a serious offence, resulting in strict disciplinary action.
  • Any misconduct/ negligence on the part of student which endangers the life, health and safety of other students and/ or staff or brings disrepute to college shall be considered as a serious offence.
  • Violation of morals, such as use of indecent language, inappropriate remarks and gestures, abusive quarrelling, fighting and insolence towards fellow students, faculty or staff will not be tolerated.
  • Impersonation for any academic, financial or otherwise gain shall be considered a serious offence and will be punished accordingly.
  • Any intimidation/ harassment on the reasons of age, gender, race, disability or religious belief shall result in expulsion from college.
  • College and Hostel premises are strictly ‘NO SMOKING ZONE.’ Non-compliance in this regard will result in fine of Rs.1000/- and a warning. The parents will also be intimated. On next violation, student will be suspended from attending classes. Third violation will result in expulsion from college.
  • Any kind of press conference, interview, writing articles etc. in media (print and electronic) are strictly prohibited violation shall be seriously punished.
  • Students shall keep themselves informed of the instructions issued to them from time to time orally or through notices/ circulars and emails.
  • Students are expected to contribute positively towards the academic / social/environmental initiatives that the Institute may undertake.
  • Knowledge sharing among students is encouraged.
  • Participation in intercollegiate programs, within the city or outside, is subject to permission of the Principal.
  • For outstation programs including study tour, the students are required to submit a permission letter from their parents.
  • Students are required to keep safe custody of their valuables. They should maintain decency and decorum during cultural events, be it inside the campus or outside.
  • Laptops/ Computers are to be used within the campus for academic purposes only.
  • Any unhealthy relationship between students that might affect their academic performance, breach their personal space or affect the reputation of the institution will be dealt with strictly.
  • All expressions or activities which are immoral, antisocial, communal and anti-national are strictly prohibited in the College / Hostel.
  • Students can discuss about Concessions, Scholarships in case of fulfilling the attendance requirements and observing the fee-schedule. However the application for fee concession must be submitted within the time frame given by the College. Applications received after the lapse of that time period will not be entertained. 90% attendance for scholarships and 80% for other concessions is mandatory.
  • Any violation of the pertaining rules and regulations will be handled by disciplinary committee. Serious offence may result in termination or rustication / expulsion and /or legal action. Moreover, any student found guilty for any sort of criminal activity mentioned / unmentioned will be dealt according to the Law of land.

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