Why LIPS ?

There are various reasonsfor choosing LIPS to pursue higher degrees in different professional programs offered by it.

  • A conducive learning environment that not only focuses on functional knowledge but also emphasis well rounded personality development.
  • A faculty, which is competent, dedicated and committed to providing best education, experience to studies.
  • Academic programs which are needed in our economy and which will provide ample opportunities for professional career and growth.
  • Sponsors, who are committed, to provide education of best quality in a competitive academic landscape.
  • Leadership, which brings vast experience of higher education and is committed to making LIPS one of the Best Institution within and outside of Pakistan in the years to come.
  • LIPS will help students to identify career goals based on their specific interests and academic aspirations. Students will be assisted in identifying appropriate resources networks and tools necessary to achieve the desired objectives.
  • Motivational speeches and career counseling.
  • Opportunities for international studies in university in Europe and USA.

Besides from what has been described above, we at LIPS are cognizant of the fact that we are living in an ever changing and high speed global environment. This fact derives us to ensure that whatever we do weather inside or outside the class is compatible with the compulsion and requirements of the knowledge economy of today.

Become a health professional.


Students will have the opportunity to participate in collaborative research projects, benefit from one-on-one academic tutoring and engage with classmates coming from different backgrounds.